Rick Tillery

Rick Tillery serves as MSSP Director for DirectDefense. Rick manages the DirectDefense team of Security Analysts who are focused on the detection of cyber security events and is responsible for the management of detection infrastructure and response to cyber security incidents.

Rick has worked extensively across the globe with various energy companies and law enforcement agencies including the Department of Defense, Denver Police Department, German Bundespolizei (Federal Police), in rail traffic, airports, ports, and several other special duties assessing, developing, and implementing a plethora of cyber security business transformations. His efforts have resulted in greatly reducing risk exposure and savings, ranging from $5 million to $500 million per year.

Rick was instrumental in re-developing, implementing, and managing Cyber Security Operations within the Department of Energy. Rick has spent more than 20 years in the US Military and industry, where he acquired deep cyber forensic and cyber security knowledge and skills, holding leadership positions working with various agencies’ capital projects, turnarounds, reliability, maintenance, operations, and consulting. He is a recently retired Chief Warrant Officer 3 from the U.S. Army.