Free Security Service Offerings – Limited Space Available

During this time of heightened cybersecurity threats, we are offering free cybersecurity services (one per customer): Phishing Preparedness Analysis and Remote Access Policy Assessments.

Phishing Preparedness Analysis:
As organizations shift to this new work from home paradigm, attackers are taking advantage and expanding their already effective phishing campaigns. For a limited time, we will perform a free review of your organization’s email phishing preventative controls.

Remote Access Policy Assessments:
The COVID-19 virus has companies across the world scrambling to make it possible for their employees to work from home. Today, every organization should have and maintain a robust remote access policy that provides employees with clear direction on how to connect securely when working from home. To help our customer during this time we are offering a few free services around remote assess policy.

For a limited time, we will provide ONE of the following services for free:

  • Phishing Preparedness Analysis
  • Remote Access Policy Assessment
  • Remote Access Policy Document Template
  • Telework Self-Assessment

Interested? Click here to talk to a member of the DirectDefense team.