What’s Included in a SCADA / ICS Risk Assessment?

A SCADA risk assessment looks at your Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition architecture to identify any security vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to breach the system and compromise your critical information.

With so many processes connected and automated via the internet, systems left unprotected are extremely vulnerable to attack.

The Benefit of Real Time Security Monitoring

With real time security monitoring of your ICS and SCADA infrastructure, your organization can stay on top of cybersecurity issues the moment they arise and be well positioned to take immediate remediatory action. These issues can include:

  • Suspicious activity on your network
  • Unauthorized requests or devices
  • Cyberthreats or attacks
  • Phishing campaigns
  • Other potentially harmful behavior

Vendor Risk Management for Critical Infrastructures

Critical infrastructures relying on ICS and SCADA architectures to run their vital operations must be diligent about vendor risk management.

Third-party vendors are regularly involved in the production or installation of ICS and SCADA systems for major infrastructure operations, making a vendor risk assessment a must prior to hiring or utilizing any third-party vendor.

As part of your SCADA risk assessment, our team conducts vendor risk management so you know who you can trust with your critical information.

What We Look for when Assessing Vendor Risk

Vendor risk can include a poorly-set up password for your organization’s industrial control system or SCADA architecture, which can allow their databases to be easily compromised by attackers, or the vendor’s own ineffective security protections, also making them vulnerable to attack.

All critical infrastructures relying on industrial control systems and SCADA architectures should properly vet their vendors before leveraging any type of third-party service or technology.