Overcoming Data Security Challenges

If your organization is storing, processing or transmitting personal data, there are certain data security challenges that put you at risk. Each organization must go through the process of identifying, protecting and managing that personal information, and this should be integrated into your risk management program.

By being aware of the personal data your organization manages, you can be in a better position to identify the risk and the impact if there were to ever be a breach. At DirectDefense, our data security and mobile device application testing services help you discover and understand the sensitive information you are handling. We are here to assist in strengthening your data security posture as well as mapping your data protection and privacy requirements to existing regulations (i.e. HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR, FISMA, etc.).

Our Data Security & Mobile Device Application Testing Services Include:

  • Data Security Risk Assessment
  • Data Classification
  • Data Security Documentation Review and/or Development
    • Data Inventory / Data Flow Maps
    • Data Breach Prevention and Reporting
    • Data Security Impact Assessment

  • Mobile Device Application Testing
    • Check for vulnerabilities to hacking, authentication, and authorization policies
    • Data Security
    • Session Management
    • Other Security Standards

Keep your organization safe with comprehensive data security and mobile device application testing services from DirectDefense.