Fine-Tune Your Company’s Incident Response Plan and Disaster Recovery Plans

DirectDefense offers simulated real-world cyber and physical security events to train staff and leadership and test your organizations response and readiness planning.

During these two- to three-week exercises, we work with both technical staff and leadership to create purposely overwhelming security events that will allows us to find vulnerabilities in your response plans and room for improvement.

  • Engage staff and leadership to work together and establish who needs to be involved at what points during the response.
  • Mimic real-world events, including practice calls or contact with legal counsel, media or emergency services.
  • Facilitation and guidance from expert DirectDefense staff, including post-remediation and additional training if necessary.



What to Expect

Week 1: Preparation
DirectDefense facilitators will conduct information gathering and consult with staff and leadership to help design the simulation.

Week 2: Simulated Exercise
For two-to-three days, DirectDefense facilitators will lead the simulation in a tabletop exercise format, working with both technical staff and leadership to ensure each group knows their role and understands how the scenarios affect the opposite group.

Week 3: Post-Remediation
With the information learned during the tabletop exercise, DirectDefense facilitators review “parking lot” items brought up during the simulation, determine what is working well, what needs improvement and if there is more training needed, and establish a plan for conducting the exercise again at a given time.



Focused on Improvement

We conduct such a comprehensive security event simulation because we have one goal in mind: to improve your overall security posture.

As your partner, we’re committed to working with your organization to identify gaps and vulnerabilities in your response plans and apply our knowledge to help you be fully prepared in an actual security event.

Be confident in your organization’s incident response plan and readiness.

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