Protect Your Web Apps from Malicious Attacks

Attackers have become more sophisticated as technology has continued to advance, together widening the threat surface for companies in all industries across the globe – and making a web application firewall more important than ever.

Web apps are primary targets for attacks and common web vulnerabilities due to:

  • an attacker’s ability to launch multiple ,targeted attacks at once using an automated process
  • the critical data often stored in these applications
  • flaws within the application’s code that leave doors open for attackers to get in

What is a Web Application Firewall?

A web application firewall (or WAF) is a special type of application firewall that applies specifically to web applications. It filters, monitors, and blocks HTTP traffic to and from a web application – detecting and blocking anything malicious.

How is a Web Application Firewall Different from a Network Firewall?

A web application firewall is able to filter the content of specific web applications while regular firewalls serve as a safety gate between servers. Through customized inspections, a web application firewall is able to detect and immediately prevent several of the most dangerous web application security flaws, which traditional network firewalls and other intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems may not be capable of doing.

Our Web Application Firewall Managed Security Service will help you to:

Secure Your Web Apps. We will inspect your HTTP traffic and review your existing web application source code for any vulnerabilities to prevent attacks stemming from web application security flaws, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), file inclusion, and security misconfigurations.

Meet Compliance Requirements. We will document what web application firewall rules are in place so your organization can show the steps taken to secure web apps for compliance requirements.

Establish Ongoing Processes and Procedures. We will implement a process to standardize web application firewall changes and control what type of traffic should be allowed to certain sensitive web apps.

Our Services

  • Web application firewall configuration, administration, monitoring, report generation and support
  • Review and documentation of existing web application firewall source codes
  • Identifying the weak points in web application firewall source codes and making recommendations for improvements
  • Automating the web application firewall change control process

Web Application Firewall as a Managed Security Service Solution

Through our web application firewall managed security service solutions, your organization can leverage our expertise and experience in web application security.

With a fully-customizable service package, you can choose the level of support that best fits your security staff’s needs and meets the operational and governance requirements of your company.