Development Training

Learn the skills to design, develop and maintain secure network environments and software. DirectDefense offers many options for developers to train with our team of experts and learn the experiences and knowledge that have shaped our place in the industry.

Cyber Security Training for Developers
  • Introduction to Application Security (OWASP Top 10)
  • Cyber Security Training for Developers – .NET
  • Cyber Security Training for Developers – JAVA/J2EE
  • Cyber Security Training for Developers – C/C++
  • Top 10 Application Security Defenses
Regulatory Compliance and Best Practices
  • PCI DSS Training for Developers
  • HIPAA/FISMA/SOX Security Training
Mobile Application Development
  • Introduction to Mobile Application Security (IOS & Android)
  • Cyber Security Training for Mobile Developers–IOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Cyber Security Training for Mobile Developers–Android
Cyber Security Training for QA
  • Security Testing for QA
Cyber Security Training for Managers/Architects
  • Security Testing for Managers/Architects
  • Threat Modeling
Database Security and Best Practices
  • Oracle/SQL Server DBA Security Best Practices
Computer-Based Training (CBT)
  • On-Demand: Delivered 24/7, students can access the content from anywhere on the Internet and proceed at their own pace. The training environment allows interaction with other members via real-time chat and course forums.
  • Interactive: Illustrative videos help students understand key concepts. Quizzes and learning games ensure students grasp training content and stay engaged. Tools and techniques demonstrated step-by-step promote skills replication in the real world.
  • Customized: The content is customized to integrate your company policies, procedures and best practices, creating a learning experience that maximizes our content with your procedures.
  • Tracking and Reporting: One of the biggest challenges with any kind of training is the difficulty organizations can have measuring the benefits and seeing the return on investment. The computer-based training solution provides tracking and reporting capabilities that provide specific and measurable results for each student. Some of the information that could be generated includes:
    • Course usage, including total views, unique views, average number of views per day and unique student views per day.
    • Detailed question-and-answer reports on how individuals answered on the quiz.
    • Trend reports that identify relationships among different groups and provide valuable insights.
    • User portal that allows students to view personal history and run their own reports.
    • Guestbook interface to collect detailed feedback from the users.

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