What You Get With a BCDR Plan

We have developed a 3-phased BCDR Assessment and Roadmap that follows established industry standards based on NIST SP 800-34.

PHASE 1: Information Gathering & Document Review
We conduct an assessment of:

  • existing disaster recovery documentation
  • impact on your business of all systems and processes
  • known risks and deficiencies
  • existing mitigatory processes or controls

PHASE 2: Interviews with Company Personnel & Stakeholders

  • Identify implemented processes that have not been fully documented
  • Understand roles and responsibilities in disaster scenarios

PHASE 3: Analysis, Reporting, and Mitigation Strategies

  • Analyze planning gaps or deficiencies
  • Establish mitigation recommendations
  • Create a final report

A Plan That Evolves With Your Business and Industry

BCDR is more successful with routine maintenance and updating to account for changing economic, security, and natural environments.

Planning: An Incident Response Plan puts your team in complete control following a ransomware or other security attack so you can be better prepared and recover faster.

Updating: An annual review of your BCDR program helps shed light on any documentation updates or plan changes.

Testing: A tabletop exercise puts your response plan to the test in a real-world scenario, and helps you fine-tune your BCDR program accordingly.

When your revenues and reputation are at stake, don’t get caught off-guard. Contact us to adopt a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan today.