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CSRF in the Age of JSON

The Complexities Created by Using JavaScript Object Notation to Transfer Data Among the web application vulnerability tests that we perform at DirectDefense is an application security assessment for CSRF. CSRF, or Cross-Site Request Forgery, is an attack that takes advantage of the predictability of requests and browsers’ automatic submission of session cookies to perform unintended... Read more »
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DirectDefense Team Members Named IT World Awards Gold Winner – Sales Coordinator of the Year

Englewood, Colo., August 25, 2020 – DirectDefense, Inc., an information security services company that provides penetration testing, compliance management and 24/7 managed services, announced today that SVUS Awards has named DirectDefense’s Tracy McBride, Virginia Martin and Roksar Rahim as the Sales Coordinator of the Year gold winner in the 15th Annual Network PG’s 2020 IT… Read more »

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