With the increasing threats, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has been managing cybersecurity standards for power systems, but investor-owned utilities operate outside the jurisdiction of the FERC, leaving them on their own to manage and fund cybersecurity threats. We’ll help you be sure your energy and utilities operation is in compliance, regardless of whether it is managed by the FERC.


Data Security

Putting utilities online and transmitting information across cities and towns opens up a larger threat surface, putting critical information and data at risk. Everything from automated bill pay to metering can be compromised, making it critical to manage security across all energy and utilities services.


Systems Control

If an energy or other utility is attacked, it could drastically compromise the integrity of the system’s performance. Attackers can cause a utility to malfunction, overheat or worse, which could result in a potentially life-threatening incident. Ensure utilities are protected.


Systems Protection

There is a lot of demand placed on energy utilities, which can mean there is not enough security to cover the need. IBM reports that ransomware has risen by more than 250% and damages are expected to exceed $5 billion by the end of the year. Keep the grid secure from threats.

Close the cybersecurity gaps in your energy utility.

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