Passing Along Our Knowledge to You

As your partner, we can report all of your organization’s security liabilities and risks, but if personnel within your company lack the skill set to turn our feedback into actionable network and software maintenance, you will not be better off for the work we’ve performed.

We have training offerings that allow us to pass along our knowledge and experiences so your employees will have the skills to design, develop and maintain secure network environments and software.


Reduce Your Risk Profile

Security technology is great, but could an attacker get past it? How easily? We have the experience and expertise to approach your organization’s threat surface from the attacker’s point of view, so we know what you need to stay safe.

We look at several components:

  • All devices using your network at any given time, their function and owner/user
  • What technologies may put you at risk from an exploitation perspective
  • How secure your perimeter is currently, and what improvements need to be made
  • Your existing response plan, if you have one, and its effectiveness in the event of an attack


Understanding Threats

Only when you know the severity and scale of potential threats can you be prepared to handle them. We will fully inventory your assets and all attack response planning methodologies and report back the full impact of a successful breach on your company.


Response and Remediation

A critical piece of threat mitigation is having a response and remediation plan in place to manage a successful attack. DirectDefense offers comprehensive response planning, including on-site training based on simulated attack scenarios.

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