Maintain the Integrity of Your Data–and Theirs

The aerospace industry has strict standards for protection of data integrity, confidentiality and system availability. The expansion of in-flight entertainment options has only made these standards more critical.

Both you and your passengers want to know credit card data and flight control systems are safe from threats. Modifications and IFE components will continue to be upgraded and updated to withstand the ever-changing threat environment–be sure your airline is on the cutting-edge of security to keep you and your passengers safe.

“Avionics is a niche field, and not everybody has the skills or the expertise to work in that specific area, so it was really good that DirectDefense was able to be part of that journey, and they also possess the skill sets required in order for us to maintain the security we needed for our customers and their passengers.”


Solutions for Your Aircraft and Passenger

DirectDefense understands the need to stay on top of security threats to your aircraft and in-flight entertainment systems. When you partner with us, you gain access to solutions that address these important components of your business.

  • Content protection for movies and entertainment, allowing passengers to securely use their personal devices
  • Data protection for credit card purchases of in-flight offerings
  • Complete protection from threats to flight control systems


Solutions for Your Aerospace Operation

A strict regulatory environment around aerospace and defense requires compliance with a host of parameters related to the protection of both intellectual property and exported information.

Non-compliance with the regulatory requirements of both the Internal Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) could result in significant penalties. We understand the complexities of these regulations, and can help your operation become and remain in compliance, even as the threat landscape continues to change.

  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Secure sensitive assets
  • Protect critical data
  • Meet identity verification requirements for classified or sensitive projects
  • Streamline business processes
  • Keep your systems online and accessible at all times
  • Allow your business to scale even as security threats evolve

Keep your airline or aerospace operation safe.

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