Customized Network Security Management

To maintain the security of your entire network, we test your assets on an ongoing basis, helping increase awareness of any network security threats and illustrating your success in mitigating those issues. Our goal is to strengthen your overall network security posture with a customized network security management program.

What does this type of network security management program look like? DirectDefense will:

  • Help you understand who has access to your network and how they are using it, including mobile and BYOD
  • Recommend the best network security software to identify and remove malware, and keep your network safe
  • Assess your application security, which you can learn more about here
  • Identify suspicious behaviors on your network and remediate any potential network security threats
  • Take inventory of all data stored on your network, how it is being used and whether it is (or could be) at risk
  • Assess all user behaviors, including email usage, to determine if any actions are leading to network security vulnerabilities
  • Assess your network security protocols, including firewalls, perimeter security, log management, and other technologies to ensure they are working to keep you secure
  • Communicate your web and wireless security status, ensuring your network is safe from both an internal and external standpoint

Keep your organization safe with comprehensive network security management from DirectDefense.

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