We Do the Work, You Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Our managed cyber security services allow you to focus on your business while DirectDefense handles threat management. You don’t have to worry about in-house resources or personnel training–or vulnerability of your organization’s critical information.

What Does a Managed Cyber Security Services Engagement Look Like?

When you partner with DirectDefense, you receive a complete package of managed cyber security services that help you:

  • meet your strategic business goals
  • improve your operations and help cut expenses
  • manage and monitor your security remotely
  • free up your IT staff to work on other projects

Is a Managed Cyber Security Services Engagement Right for You?

Partnering with a managed cyber security services provider carries many business benefits, chiefly allowing you to be in control of your organization’s information and infrastructure security without placing a strain on resources and personnel.

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Our managed cyber security consulting services don’t come in a box. We work with you to ensure your security solutions are implemented across the board and that everyone within your organization is on board. We value personalized service because it helps you know that you’re getting the right solution.

Remote Monitoring and Management
Remote Monitoring and Management

Once we leave, we’re never really gone. But that’s a good thing for you. We’re able to monitor and manage your cyber security services remotely, which means you’re covered 24/7 against any threats by DirectDefense professionals who are ready to act immediately.