A Tailored Approach

What sets us apart is our personalized approach to your organization’s particular security needs. We conduct a comprehensive assessment in order to deliver the most appropriate information security services strategy around remediation and continued security. You get our full attention and expertise, and we deliver solutions that don’t just work–they work for you.

A True Partner

Our approach isn’t just one-and-done. We’re not in this to sell you a product or perform one service and walk away. We want your organization’s overall security posture to be better off for the work we’ve done, and we’re dedicated to working with you every step of the way to ensure that happens–even if you need us in the middle of the night.

A Complete Solution

When you partner with DirectDefense, you get information security services and solutions that grow with your organization because we stay involved after the initial engagement. Our assessment, identification and remediation process set the stage for continued education to put you in control of your organization’s security and improve your overall security posture.

Improving Security Through Awareness

With the exception of mandated compliance measures, organizations may be largely unaware of their security needs. That’s where our professional security services come in.

Get a full picture of your organization’s security posture with an objective, third-party audit. We’ll identify any and all security blind spots and vulnerabilities, and start a conversation with you about the best way to move forward with our professional security services.

Get complete network security with our comprehensive information security services. All too often, organizations focus on the network perimeter and miss security gaps inside the network where traditional security measures aren’t cutting it.

Get staff on the same page with our strategic information security services and solutions that help change behaviors around security within your organization. We help implement secure password, file and network use policies that ensure everyone is acting in the best interests of company security.