As Part of Our Incident Response Services, You can Expect:

Analysis: We’ll help you understand what happened and why by establishing visibility into the security threat and any ongoing attacker activity.

Containment: We’ll minimize the impact of the breach and limit its capability to prevent it from spreading, and we will work with your team and any outside vendors or third parties to ensure compliance with your regulatory and fiduciary requirements.

Eradication & Restoration: We’ll put technical controls in place to handle the existing problem and help prevent it in the future.

Recovery: We’ll discuss a plan to ensure your organization can adequately respond to and recover from a future incident.

Incident Response Service Brief

Get the rundown on our Incident Response retainer services and our approach to helping your organization manage a security breach and get back to business.

Incident Response Services

Learn more about our Incident Response services, and our fully customizable Incident Response managed services solution.