Don't Get Caught Off Guard

Turn here for the research, cutting-edge attack techniques, and adversarial knowledge that we’re using to enact offensive security strategies. We combine research and expertise to make your organization stronger, more secure, and more resilient.

What DirectDefense Apex Labs is Known For

Application & Network Security

We help protect your applications and network from intrusions, breaches, and other serious threats. By implementing the right rules and configurations for application and network use and accessibility, we provide you with the best overall threat protection.

Research & Consulting

Everything we do is rooted in research – we are constantly learning and developing our knowledge of cutting-edge attack techniques, and sharing our experiences and expertise in specialized hacking through consultations and expert service.

Network Penetration

We use intentional, offensive tactics and techniques to infiltrate your network and identify security vulnerabilities within your applications and systems. We thoroughly evaluate your network and security alerts/responses – or lack thereof.

Red Teams

DirectDefense Apex Labs personnel are authorized to emulate the attack and exploitation capabilities of malicious actors against your organization’s security posture. We aim to improve your security by showing what’s at risk in a real attack.

Attack Simulations & Adversarial Emulations

We conduct simulations and emulations to demonstrate the impact of a successful attack on your overall security posture, as well as show what works for the Blue Teams (the security defenders) in a fully operational environment.

Sophisticated Cyber Intrusions

Our team plays the role of a malicious third party gaining unauthorized access to your organization’s confidential information, core code, and application infrastructures. We will leverage application weaknesses or more sophisticated techniques such as malware, artificial intelligence, or machine learning to identify gaps in your security posture.

Real World Risk Evaluation

Applying our expertise in the real and serious threats facing organizations today and tomorrow, we perform a thorough risk evaluation to identify, assess, and implement key security controls within your network and applications.

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