A Flexible OT Security Framework

Our industrial control systems experts can help your organization strengthen its OT security framework without disrupting operations – so you can avoid a more serious interruption from a breach.

Servicing Diverse Industries, Including:

  • Water & Wastewater Utilities
  • Gas Utilities
  • Mining Operations
  • Energy
  • Oil
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics/Transportation

Protecting Critical Functions from OT Security Threats:

  • Critical Infrastructure Support
  • Industrial Automation Systems
  • Manufacturing Automation Systems
  • Embedded & Mobile Devices
  • Automation Device Manufacturing
  • Automation Software Manufacturing
  • Building Controls
  • Physical Security

Invest in Your Critical Infrastructure With An OT Security Framework

A critical infrastructure is any process that your business can’t function without. Regardless of industry, your operations are vital to your success, and downtime – especially from a security breach – just isn’t acceptable. We value all operational processes as critical infrastructures, and provide security solutions like endpoint protection, a managed SOC, and network monitoring and alerting that help keep you secure and business moving. Say goodbye to OT security challenges.

Connecting OT and IT

We enable your OT and IT departments to work together by creating a strategy for security during testing, and designating operational roles to ensure both systems are being managed and monitored properly.

Offering a Range of ICS Security Services

ICS/SCADA Real-Time Monitoring

Our OT security framework provides real-time monitoring for your ICS security, which includes SCADA, distributed control systems, and smart connected networks and systems.

Technical Assessment

Identify security configuration gaps and vulnerabilities within your network and entire security architecture.

Architecture Review & Assessment

Through an in-depth analysis, we identify security gaps and vulnerabilities that exist within your organization’s industrial control systems or smart connected system design.

Smart Device Testing

Overcome the security challenges that can put you at risk if your organization stores, processes, or transmits personal data.


As IoT and IIoT devices get more connected and become more powerful, your ICS security needs to do the same.

Smart Cities

The connected and automated systems that power smart cities open up significant OT security threats if left unprotected.

Embedded Systems

Your organization’s embedded systems technology or solution must be assessed for risk if provided or installed by a third-party vendor.

Enterprise Security Program Review

Discover our three-solution, phased approach to a stronger OT security framework for your industrial control systems architecture.


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