Security and Identity Management

We have years of experience in providing the right security strategies to gaming institutions from Las Vegas casino chains to independent reservations and state gaming commissions.

There are many elements within the gaming industry that need security and identity management–more so now than at any other point in time. More traditional methods like manual ID checks and a floor presence simply can’t keep up with the more sophisticated security threats of today.

We’ll help you focus your security on what matters most in your gaming operation.

  • More advanced ID security
  • Floor monitoring and surveillance
  • Document authentication
  • PCI compliance for all transactions


Video Game Crimes

Online gaming platforms have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for cybercriminals, making targets of both the players and the publishers of these games.

We’ll help ensure the security of in-game purchases, storage of game assets, and user account information.  

DirectDefense is at the forefront of advances in security technology, and takes the point of view of the attacker to understand what you need to mitigate threats to your operation.

Let us help you get and stay on top of security and compliance in your unique but demanding industry.

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