Do You Need to Redo Your PCI Compliance Process or Find a New QSA?

Going through the PCI compliance process can be frustrating. At DirectDefense, we get this. That’s why we make the process easier for you in two ways:

1. We’re an experienced company, and we make it a point to take a personalized approach to your PCI compliance despite it being a pre-determined set of mandates. We have the technical know-how to get it done, and get it done right, with minimal stress to you and your organization.

2. We follow a phased approach to make the PCI compliance process smooth, easy and understandable from start to finish.

Our Goal: To help you avoid getting breached, and to stand behind you through any security event.

Step 1: Environment Assessment

We conduct a thorough interview to understand your current security environment.

Step 2: Communication of Preparations

We’ll convey the items your organization needs to prepare for PCI compliance.

Step 3: Documentation Review

We draw up a PCI compliance questionnaire to ensure your compliance with the mandate before we conduct the compliance review.

Step 4: Compliance Review

A DirectDefense expert QSA conducts the questionnaire. Given the preparations, the process is seamless and the paperwork can be filed and finalized shortly after the review.


Why Work with a Security Firm for Your PCI Compliance

If your organization performs fewer than 6 million transactions per year, or obtains consent from its bank, you can conduct your own PCI compliance process through a self-assessment questionnaire. However, there are inherent risks with this approach, including that most organizations are required to conduct a full assessment.

  • No support or back-up from a licensed, insured firm in the event of a security breach
  • Increased liability if customer card information is compromised
  • High risk of negative impact to your company’s reputation and profitability
  • Greater responsibility for meeting the complex requirements of PCI compliance

When you partner with DirectDefense, you’ll also have access to the experience, knowledge and services to help strengthen your organization’s overall security posture–because when your information security is strong, compliance falls into place.

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