Information Security in Education to Protect Students and Staff

We have years of experience working with educational institutions from local school districts to major universities and colleges, and are prepared to assist you in meeting your educational institution security challenges.

When you work with DirectDefense, you can expect the following security approach:

  1. Thorough assessment of your entire organization, including physical penetration testing, to expose any security gaps or blind spots.
  2. Implementation of proper security technologies to fill any gaps in your network protection and help you identify security threats or anomalies.
  3. Thorough review of all devices on your network, which includes BYOD.
  4. Verification that security updates and patch management are in place to keep your network up to date as security threats evolve.
  5. Cybersecurity education training and informational sessions for staff to ensure everyone is on the same page with security procedures and processes.

With many schools now going all or partly virtual, due to the pandemic, information security in education is more important than ever, We’re focused on combining your educational institution’s people, processes and technologies to provide comprehensive information security that maps to your overall educational goals and objectives.

Continuous monitoring and management of your security technology, policies and procedures is also critical as threats evolve regularly. Your existing approach may not be protecting you from today’s attackers.

Keep your students, staff and critical information safe from cybersecurity risks with comprehensive educational institution security from DirectDefense.