How Good is Your Cyber Defense?

Is your organization prepared to defend itself against cyberattacks? Is the confidential information that resides on your network secure against the ruthless attempts of hackers? Find out with a cyber security audit.

Our team of cyber security experts will conduct a comprehensive review of your organization to ensure that the correct and most up-to-date processes, practices and technologies are being applied and that all information security expectations, requirements and mandates are being met.

Our Cyber Security Audit Process

  1. Enterprise Risk Assessment: We will perform an enterprise risk assessment to help you to understand the evolving risk of cyber security threats as it relates to your business.  
  2. Security & Vulnerability Testing: Through a series of security and vulnerability testing, we will test and analyze your security environment and develop a security policy that encompasses the protection of your data and hardware.
  3. Cyber Security Awareness Training: Our cyber security awareness training will educate your team on the best practices and processes that need to be implemented to keep your business secure from threats to your critical information.

When it Comes to Cyber Security, We’ve Got You Covered!

Our Cyber Security Services Include:

Keep your organization safe with peace of mind and e-discovery from DirectDefense.

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