You Can’t Afford a Data Security Breach

The retail industry has come under a lot of scrutiny over the past several years due to data security breaches experienced by some of the country’s largest retailers, as well as smaller retail stores. Due to the increase in security breaches and credit-card theft, PCI compliance has become a hot topic and a top priority.

We have extensive experience with PCI compliance, dating back to its initial development. We can assist you in achieving compliance with the current standard, and even exceed the standard to provide a more secure environment. Data security breaches cost retail stores money and reputation, and it’s more important than ever to keep customer data out of the wrong hands.

Mitigate Security Risks to Your Guests

Nothing will sour a guests’ experience more than being wrapped up in a data breach at a hotel they stayed at during a business or pleasure trip. Unfortunately, the hospitality industry is a prime target for credit card theft. We have the experience and knowledge to assist any hospitality business from hotels to motels in securing data and mitigating the security risk to your guests.

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