How to Achieve Smart City Safety and Security in All Smart Cities

As smart cities and cybersecurity technology become more complex, the risks become far greater. The chief concern is the growing sophistication of attacks coupled with the vast number of interconnected devices that increase the attack surface in a smart city.

To truly achieve smart city safety and security, governments must build security into the technology right from the beginning. Otherwise, the risk is simply too great to proceed without it being irresponsible. Government officials, IT professionals and citizens must all work together to ensure that the smart cities are also safe cities.

The most prominent security vulnerabilities within smart cities include:

  • Smart meters using credit card payments that could be breached, putting the public’s personal data at risk
  • Automated systems controlling everything from traffic lights to garbage truck pickup routes that can be compromised and altered, causing potentially dangerous consequences
  • Public utilities that are connected to a smart city network, such as water or wastewater, can be overtaken in a security attack, posing potentially serious risk to public safety

Identifying Third-Party Vendor Risk to Smart Cities and Cybersecurity

Smart cities and cybersecurity are tied together through IoT and IIoT applications. These applications are highly vulnerable to third-party vendor risk, making vendor risk management a critical step when hiring a third-party vendor to provide a smart city technology solution or conduct the installation.

IoT and IIoT devices used within smart city networks are not only often interconnected, but run off of a singular network that can be easily compromised if security gaps and vulnerabilities are created by third-party vendors.

Make sure your smart city safety and security can stand up to an attack or threat with a vendor risk assessment.

We offer a comprehensive suite of smart city security and smart grid services including:

  • Device and Application Testing
  • Architecture Design
  • Compliance Gap Assessments

Keep your smart city safe with comprehensive smart city security from DirectDefense.