Why Are Your Applications at Risk?

Attackers have become more sophisticated as technology has continued to advance. This simultaneous increase has widened the threat surface for companies in all industries across the globe, making application security more important than ever.

Web applications are primary targets for attacks due to:

  • An attacker’s ability to launch targeted attacks at once using an automated process
  • The critical data often stored in these applications
  • Flaws within the application’s code that leave doors open for attackers to get in

The source code making up web applications is inherently complicated, and it’s our job to be sure there are no open vulnerabilities that can be manipulated by attackers, allowing them to gain entry and steal your organization’s information.

At DirectDefense, we examine application security from all angles and take into consideration the many critical aspects of your applications to ensure they are secure. We review:

  • The function and purpose of the application in your business
  • The data processed and stored within the application
  • The application’s users, whether in-house, external or both
  • The level of access to third parties and how they use the application
  • The administrative controls and capabilities within the application
  • The compliance or industry regulations around the application and whether they are being met


“When DirectDefense came in and they were able to assist in pointing out where there were software issues or bugs in the development cycle, they didn’t come in and just point out the issues, but they explained how to fix them. They did it without offending anyone and they were able to be there to assist and deliver the message correctly.”


Our application security solutions help move businesses away from using insecure software and help you resolve coding defects that can leave your organization vulnerable to attack.

In the event of a breach, we also are committed to helping your organization prepare for, and respond to, an application security incident in the fastest and most effective way to get you back to business as soon as possible.

Keep your organization safe with application security management from DirectDefense.