Verify the security of the business before acquiring it.

During any merger or acquisition, running a security check on technology, systems or processes is advised, even if it is not required by compliance. Many of the vulnerabilities we uncover in these engagements put critical information at risk, which can be detrimental to the reputation and success of the company in question.

DirectDefense information security and managed services experts bring years of industry experience to our clients and are poised to perform security assessments and testing to ensure compliance and organizational efficiencies for companies of all sizes and in multiple industries.

With Cybersecurity, Mergers and Acquisitions Work Better

Most businesses are sensitive to the need for security testing because of the ever-evolving security climate we exist in today. Our security experts ensure the security of your business acquisition by:

  • Clear communication, regardless of the scope of the M&A, to both companies to ensure they are comfortable with how we are going to approach the analysis.
  • Assessing the technology, systems, applications, or processes to identify security gaps.
  • Conducting extensive testing to identify any security vulnerabilities that could put the business and its critical data at risk.
  • Recommending remediations to any discovered vulnerabilities to allow necessary upgrades and fixes to take place before finalizing the acquisition.
  • Re-testing and follow-up with both companies to ensure that all vulnerabilities have been remediated and that the security posture of the company is being maintained.

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“We’ve seen significant benefits from working with DirectDefense on mergers and acquisitions. They help us round out the due diligence process for potential deals so we know the assets and IP we’re acquiring, and that we’re not at risk; or that we at least have the right level of controls in place so the value of that IP won’t be eroded.”

– VP and CIO / Marine Recreation & Technology Company