Assess Your Third Party Vendor Risk

If your organization works with third-party vendors to run automated systems and processes, you should be thoroughly vetting them to help keep your information safe and secure. As part of your network security architecture review, we’ll look into your third-party vendor relationships and assess vendor risk to ensure your security architecture is fully protected.

Our Network Security Architecture Review includes:

  • A technical security architecture review of your organization’s entire network to identify all security gaps and vulnerabilities among connected systems
  • Remediation recommendations for external and internal security risks,  including weak password protections, poor security protocols, or improperly protected technology solutions
  • Identification of vulnerabilities in as-built systems already in place

What Cybersecurity Risks Do Third-Party Vendors Pose?

If you put control of your automated system into the hands of a third-party vendor who has malicious intent, you’re essentially handing over critical data to an outside entity.

Further, if your third party vendor does not have secure operations within their organization, they can get breached, which also puts your information at serious risk.

The Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requires third-party vendors to become certified before working with organizations within the DoD industrial base. We include guidance around CMMC compliance as part of your network security architecture review.

Keep your organization safe with a comprehensive network security architecture review from DirectDefense.