Risk Assessment

Risk management is often treated as a compliance issue, and many companies do a great job managing financial and compliance risk. However, truly understanding the risks to strategic initiatives and information security requires a different approach.

Analyzing risk in the planning phases of a new business initiative involving new IT system and application rollouts can be a large undertaking for many organizations. Chances are, your organization does not have a stated risk tolerance as it pertains to information security without conducting an analysis.

DirectDefense is equipped with the experience to educate information security professionals on how to quantify risk and speak the language of finance in terms the business will understand, and we provide processes and programs that manage the dynamics and variability of information security risk quantification.

In our world, risk can be an opportunity. We help companies turn risks into results.

Compromised Assessment

Would you know if you had been attacked or if your organization’s information and infrastructure security was at risk?

The volume and and complexity of attacks are ever-increasing. These advanced attacks take advantage of the diminished effectiveness of legacy security solutions such as stateful inspection-based firewalls and signature-based antivirus software. Given these vulnerabilities, there has never been a greater need for better visibility into active security breaches.

Our compromised assessment service will:

  • Identify the presence of any ongoing breaches
  • Illustrate gaps in your existing visibility
  • Provide insight into whether you have suffered a breach
  • Develop a remediation plan to address your security needs

We combine our advanced knowledge of breaching environments with new breach detection technology to determine if attackers are currently in your environment or have been active in the past. This service includes the following components: