Your IoT and IIoT Devices Are Getting More Connected and More Powerful – is Your Security?

Storing your organization’s critical information in the cloud using IoT and IIoT devices helps streamline your business and keep your data within easy reach, but it also puts your data at risk of compromise by attackers that gain unauthorized access to your network.

IoT and IIoT devices in the cloud are often interconnected and create multiple entry points to the controlling network, which is why IoT security is imperative to not just keeping your smart devices safe, but for keeping your entire organization safe from attack.

You don’t want to realize too late that your automated systems have been compromised because of unsecured endpoints. Our IoT security solutions include:

  • IoT device security assessment: Assessing the security of your IoT and IIoT devices and remediating any identified gaps
  • Application testing: Performing a security assessment on your connected applications to identify vulnerabilities
  • Network architecture review: Reviewing your entire network for areas where your cloud infrastructure is weak or could be compromised
  • Compliance review: Identifying any compliance issues with your IoT or IIoT devices, applications, or systems

We will work with you to create a remediation plan in line with your budget and that prioritizes your most critical vulnerabilities to ensure your organization can achieve greater IoT security.

IoT Security and IIoT Security as Part of a Vendor Risk Management Program

Any organization relying on IoT or IIoT devices should be diligent about their IoT security, and a big part of that security comes from vendor risk management.

Cloud devices and applications are highly vulnerable to third party vendor risk. Poor passwords, insecure installations, or ineffective network protections are just some of the ways attackers could compromise your data through your vendor.

Our IoT security services include:

  • Vendor Risk Assessment
  • Proper Testing
  • Overall IoT Cloud Security Precautions
  • MQTT/Sparkplug and AWS IoT

Keep your organization safe from cybersecurity risks with comprehensive IoT security solutions from DirectDefense.