I’ve Got 4658 Problems, and All of Them Are in Azure Security Center

Overwhelmed by Azure Security Center? We can help.

Azure Security Center can help identify and remediate vulnerabilities on your cloud resources that might go unnoticed. Security Center provides a unified security management system that can provide security insights, detect vulnerabilities and best practice deficiencies, as well as protect against threats. But as your environment grows, Security Center can become convoluted with hundreds of issues all with a seemingly arbitrary severity, that may or may not line up with your organization’s internal security policies.

While Security Center is great at identifying issues, and can even “Auto-Magically” remediate some issues, it provides an inundation of data that is difficult to sort and prioritize. This is compounded when Subscriptions are separated by business unit or function and multiple parties need to become involved to make changes. This can make prioritizing and allocating resources for remediation efforts difficult and may frustrate security teams and management. This, then, delays remediation efforts which may leave your organization at risk.

Security Center has another major limitation, it is not able to provide you with a strategic overview in regards to remediating the environment. Security Center is not able to take into account different factors that affect your organization and incorporate them into the remediation process. Security Center does not know what you are storing, who needs access, internal policies, compliance requirements, and other internal factors that may affect the steps you take to secure your cloud. This is where a third-party partner can help.

DirectDefense can provide strategic guidance, and assist in prioritizing recommendations given by Security Center. DirectDefense can help with identifying your organization’s area of risk and provide specific remediation recommendations so that the most efficient course of action is taken in securing your Azure environment.