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What If a Cyberattack Took Down Your Business Operations – and Could Have Been Prevented?

The Recent Breach at Meat Processor JBS SA Proves the Need for a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan The world’s largest meat processor by sales, Brazil-based JBS SA, is recovering from a ransomware attack that hit their IT networks, taking about one-fifth of U.S. beef and pork processing completely offline. The company was forced… Read more »

The Colonial Pipeline Shutdown Demonstrates How Precarious Our Critical Infrastructure Security Really Is

Greater Security Must be Applied to all Operational Technology Systems The Colonial Pipeline shutdown, caused by a ransomware attack, highlights the precarious position of many critical infrastructures.  The effects of the pipeline cyber incident are widespread, as 45% of the U.S. East Coast relies on it for gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel. Several southern… Read more »