Our testing services assess the critical domains within your information security workspace. Whether we’re customizing a vulnerability management or compliance program, or performing compliance and risk assessments, we deliver reliable, world-class security services to  meet and exceed the needs of your organization.


To beat an attacker, you have to behave like one. We use the same tools and techniques as today’s advanced attackers to mimic a real-world incident within your organization’s security environment.

We use a controlled approach to penetration testing to fully assess the effectiveness of your organization’s controls.

  • Coordinate with your organization’s security personnel to identify the goals and objectives of the penetration testing
  • Set ground rules for the engagement and expected end results
  • Maintain constant communication with security personnel throughout the testing so everyone is aware of each stage of the test

We offer a variety of penetration testing options that assess different aspects of your organization’s security environment.

Application and Network Testing

Why put to chance the foundation of your organization’s critical business data, assets and data stores?

Application Testing

Whether you operate using packaged third-party or custom in-house applications, traditional security controls such as a firewall or network segmentation are not effective at protecting these applications against a targeted attack. Our comprehensive security services examine your applications and entire network for common input validation vulnerabilities to language, coding or platform-specific weaknesses.

Network Testing

How often are vulnerabilities tested in your organization’s information security program? We create a customized program to test your workstations, servers and network devices on an ongoing basis to determine the level of vulnerability each poses to your organization’s environment, increase threat awareness and improve your overall security posture.

We offer many testing options for your organization’s applications and entire network.

Development Testing

How often does your organization test the technical vulnerabilities of its security program? If the answer is annually, you likely have significant gaps in the security devices and other critical network infrastructure components.

We help identify and remediate those risks through development of a customized security strategy program. Our expert consultants can guide you through the process, whether it’s the creation of a vulnerability management program, the design and architecture of a new application, or writing up an executive-level vulnerability insight report.  

We offer many options for testing toward development of a sound security strategy.