DirectDefense is fully invested in our clients’ overall security posture as exemplified by our Cybersecurity Strategy and Roadmap. This comprehensive document details the security initiatives, strategies and execution timelines defined for an organization through our assessment.  DirectDefense’s Cybersecurity Roadmap follows the NIST CSF with a customized approach based on your industry sector. The document provides a consolidated view of the results from both the security process analysis and environment threat modeling in combination with strategic and technical findings from other phases of the assessment. Outlining a multi-year plan, the roadmap covers not only technical controls, but also addresses the people and processes necessary to support those controls.

Within this roadmap, strategic initiatives will be prioritized and recommendations will be made regarding the implementation of appropriate technologies, tools, hardware, software, processes and techniques. Associated financial and personnel estimates, architectural impact, implementation timeframes and other considerations will also be included. These recommendations will be framed in ‘good,’ ‘better,’ and ‘best’ scenarios, so that multiple options are presented from a security perspective and can be incorporated into the decision-making process.