Your MDR + MSSP Max Program Includes:

  • Security Information & Event Management (SIEM): We take the immense amount of data gathered from your entire networked environment and make it accessible to you with reporting and forensics about security incidents. We also manage alerts based on analytics that match a certain rule set to ensure your organization is compliant and safe from cyber threats.
  • Security Operations Management: As part of this service, we will also help you set up and maintain a security operations center (SOC), which provides continuous security monitoring. Your DirectDefense team conducts security operations management like traffic and data monitoring and is prepared to enact a response and remediation plan in the event of a security incident.
  • Managed Endpoint Protection: Protect your endpoints both inside and outside of your network, and be alerted to any abnormalities that can be cause for concern.
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Management: We’ll patch the gaps bad actors are taking advantage of, and provide continuous monitoring of your whole environment, which detects the bad actors who already got in.
  • Bi-Weekly Status Reports & Meetings: We’ll meet with your team to review your bi-weekly security status report, which provides a comprehensive overview of any detected abnormalities, what was done to mitigate them, and any additional gaps or vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.
  • Quarterly Program Review Meetings: Each quarter, we’ll meet with your team to review your security program to understand if it is continuing to provide what you need to stay protected and in compliance.
  • ThreatAdvisor: Take advantage of our ThreatAdvisor tool, a centralized platform that provides continuous visibility into your organization’s security. Through this tool, you can access and manage your core assets, organize your vulnerability data, and track the impact of mitigation efforts on your operations.
  • Incident Response Retainer Hours: If a security incident occurs, you’re already protected with our Incident Response services that are designed to address and resolve attacks as quickly and effectively as possible.

Control Your Playbook

One of the ways we help our customers know they’re getting the best MDR + MSSP security program for their business is by allowing you to control your security playbook. It’s part of our transparency and commitment to employing best-fit solutions – not one-size-fits-all.

Control Your SOC

Under the MDR + MSSP Max program, we’ll operate your internal SOC to fit the way your company runs – not the way we run. That’s the benefit of working with a partner that is well-sized to be flexible to your specific needs.

If Something Happens, You’re Protected

One of the primary benefits of MDR + MSSP Max is the inclusion of incident response, which means you’re already protected if an incident happens. We’re prepared to triage the event and employ the best response to get you back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

Be Prepared

With MDR + MSSP Max, you get the three critical capabilities for security information and event management (SIEM) services: threat detection, investigation, and time to respond. Be prepared to quickly and effectively handle any threat.

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