Why a Cyber Security Operations Center Isn’t a Nice-to-Have, but a Must-Have

Keep Your Organization Safe Around the Clock with a Cyber Security Operations Center from an MSSP

Here’s a projection that’s hard to ignore: the cost of cybercrime is expected to exceed $8 billion by 2022. The reality of that amount of financial fallout from cyber attacks is staggering. Driving up the cost of cybercrime is the other reality that many companies simply don’t have the proper security mechanisms in place – one critical piece being a cyber security operations center – to detect or remediate the sophisticated cyber attacks occurring today.

Connected and automated systems increase the risk to critical data security. Many organizations rely on disparate security systems or inadequate solutions that fail to detect breaches or help prioritize alerts.

The result is an open door for many attackers to hijack critical data or assume control of vital organizational functions. The latter scenario is a growing concern at companies around the globe, especially critical infrastructures like wastewater and electrical grids.

Put a Cyber Security Operations Center on Your Company’s Front Lines

You don’t have to be running a critical infrastructure like oil and gas to require a security operations center. A SOC provides 24 7 security monitoring – it is a single system that can:

  • Detect security abnormalities or non-compliant activities
  • Generate security alerts
  • Help you prioritize which alerts require action
  • Help your organization meet security compliance guidelines

How Does a SOC Work?

If you use a cyber security operations center through a managed security services provider (MSSP) like DirectDefense, you will have a team of security experts conducting log management, and monitoring of traffic and data for all the technologies your organization utilizes.

A SOC also provides a response and remediation plan in the event of a security incident.

A cyber security operations center is round-the-clock monitoring that no organization, regardless of industry, can confidently operate without.

As security attacks continue to increase in the level of damage they can do, we continue to emphasize that when it comes to breaches, it’s not a matter of if, but when. Even a brief moment of unmonitored activity can result in a breach that costs your organization millions.

The Benefits of a SOC Through an MSSP

There is value in utilizing a MSSP to manage your SOC. Establishing a SOC internally requires additional staff and can be cost-prohibitive for many small- to mid-ized companies.

With any security implementation, an MSSP is going to provide expert insight, monitoring, incident response planning, and remediation tactics that can go far beyond the internal capabilities of most organizations.

When it comes to a SOC, a managed security services provider offers the following benefits:

24 7 Security Monitoring: Even in the dead of night, if there is a security breach or abnormality within your organization, your MSSP will detect it and provide action items for proper response and remediation. Your organization won’t have to worry about switching on the computers in the morning to discover your data has been compromised.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): A SOC must have an SIEM system in place to track activity across an enterprise. SIEM technology continues to grow more intelligent and automated with machine learning and behavioral analytics capabilities, making it critical to support your SOC with next-gen technologies.

Fast Response and Remediation Capabilities: Outside of event detection, being able to respond quickly to a security breach, and take immediate action, is incredibly valuable – literally. Quick response can save organizations millions of dollars. The more time that elapses following a breach, the more expensive the fallout becomes.

Put Your Organization in a War-Room Mentality: When a security breach occurs, the best possible responses happen when an organization’s personnel already know who is leading the response, and what their marching orders are. We conduct table top exercises to help companies establish these roles and responsibilities ahead of time, and it is another component of a SOC that helps you respond faster and more effectively in the event of a security attack.

Be Compliant: Establishing a SOC, especially through a knowledgeable and capable MSSP, will ensure your company is consistently meeting compliance and regulatory requirements for your industry.

Establish a SOC for the Attack that WILL Happen

As we said, it’s not a matter of if, but when. Be prepared with a SOC – and get the added benefit of complete peace of mind in your security monitoring when you utilize a MSSP for your cyber security operations center.

Cyber attacks are only getting stronger and more sophisticated, but the more prepared your organization is, the better you will fare in the long run.

Realize the long-term value of establishing a cyber security operations center through a MSSP. Talk with DirectDefense today about how we can help protect your organization.