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GDPR is in effect and has caused some significant hurdles for organizations. We can help you get over yours.

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Security threats are all around us. Work with experts who know how to keep you safe now, and in the future.

Incident Response

Any security incident should be met with a strong response. With the right plan, you can recover and get back to business faster.

Managed Services

If you feel like you can’t tell how your managed security provider is performing, it’s time for a new MSSP.


Don’t go even a minute without having an eye on your organization’s security-related data.

Security Operations

MANAGEMENT The need for specialized security solutions is in constant demand, and more importantly the resources to manage and monitor those solutions is at an even higher demand. DirectDefense has deep experience in installing, tuning, and creating operationally relevant solutions for numerous organizations. Be it network firewalls, web application firewalls, intrusion detection solutions, SIEM/ log… Read more »