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Runtime Roundtable May 2024: Security

Despite some recent gains by law enforcement, ransomware remains a pernicious problem for companies large and small. How should companies manage ransomware threats? Here’s how Jim Broome, President and CTO, advises organizations to prepare for ransomware attacks. Read what Jim and 7 other industry experts had to say in Runtime.

Behind the Scenes of the DirectDefense’s Threat Report Insights

DirectDefense offers valuable insights into the world of threat intelligence through a candid conversation with Jim Broome, President and CTO of DirectDefense. In a discussion with Sean Martin, they delved into the nuances of IT and OT convergence, network segmentation, multi-factor authentication, and the findings of DirectDefense’s 2023 Security Operations Threat Report. Listen to the… Read more »

Jim Broome: Defending against AI and new deepfake technology threats & how an MSSP can help – RSA24

The past two years have witnessed an unprecedented surge in the adoption of generative artificial intelligence (AI) across various industries. And while this presents new efficiencies, with these benefits come significant security concerns. The widespread integration of AI applications increases the risk of data breaches and intellectual property theft, while also expanding organizations’ vulnerability to… Read more »

Navigating the World of OT and Cybersecurity | A Brand Story Conversation From RSA Conference 2024

In a recent episode recorded live at RSA Conference, an insightful discussion unfolded between Sean Martin and Chris Walcutt on the intersection of operational technology and cybersecurity. The conversation looks into the challenges, insights, and best practices surrounding these vital areas of technology. Listen to the podcast recorded on location at RSA Conference 2024 on… Read more »

Jim Broome: Securing Health: Navigating Ransomware Threats in Partnership with an MSSP – RSA24

This interview will explore the critical role that MSSPs play in safeguarding health data and systems against potential security incidents, such as ransomware and business email compromise attacks. Jim Broome will share how to proactively prepare for an incident – including establishing a comprehensive incident response plan, outlining strategies for containment, restoration, and ongoing security… Read more »

Spotlight Podcast: How AI Is Reshaping The Cyber Threat Landscape

In this Spotlight episode of the Security Ledger podcast, Paul Roberts interviews Jim Broome, President and CTO of DirectDefense. Jim and Paul talk about the findings of DirectDefense’s latest Security Operations Threat Report and dig into the intriguing ways artificial intelligence is shaping both cyberattack and defense automation strategies. Listen to the podcast on Security… Read more »

Healthcare Cybersecurity: 5 Steps to Prepare for a Ransomware Attack

In 2023, the healthcare industry faced its toughest year, with over 124 million health records breached in a total of 725 hacking incidents. Here are DirectDefense President and CTO Jim Broome’s five tips healthcare organizations can take to prepare for ransomware and business email compromise attacks. Read the article on HIT Consultant.

DirectDefense Report Sees Shifts in Cyberattack Patterns

DirectDefense published an analysis of more than two million hours of alert investigations that identifies SIM card swapping cyberattacks crafted using generative artificial intelligence (AI), attacks against AI tools and platforms, attacks aimed at local data centers and efforts to infiltrate incident response communications as the top cybersecurity threats of 2024. Michael Vizard with Security… Read more »

What are Botnets and Why are MSSPs So Concerned?

Botnets can linger in networks for years, stealthily probing with malware to exploit vulnerabilities, potentially causing devastating cyberattacks. What can enterprises do to protect themselves? DirectDefense President and CTO Jim Broome explains the difference between two classes of botnets and the importance of upgrading from legacy systems. Read part one of  MSSP Alert’s botnet series.

Battle of the Botnets: How MSSPs Play the Game

In this article, MSSP Alert examines the tactics and technologies MSSPs and MSPs use to spot and stop botnets. Jim Broome, President and CTO at DirectDefense, said his MSSP employs a robust endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution with their customers. Read part two of  MSSP Alert’s botnet series.

2023 Security Operations Threat Report