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What are Botnets and Why are MSSPs So Concerned?

Botnets can linger in networks for years, stealthily probing with malware to exploit vulnerabilities, potentially causing devastating cyberattacks. What can enterprises do to protect themselves? DirectDefense President and CTO Jim Broome explains the difference between two classes of botnets and the importance of upgrading from legacy systems. Read part one of  MSSP Alert’s botnet series.

Why Do Cybersecurity Startups Fail?

All startups are inherently risky, with the majority facing failure while a few manage to succeed. What specific hurdles do startups encounter within the cybersecurity industry? This discussion was prompted by a post from Ross Haleliuk of LimaCharlie, where Jared Ballou, VP of Business Development and Strategic Alliances, commented, “Thinking your solution is the single… Read more »

Security Considerations During Layoffs: Advice from an MSSP

Navigating layoffs is complex and difficult for many reasons. Not only do human resources and direct managers bear the onus of responsibility when conducting exit conversations, but security teams should also make the necessary preparations for monitoring anomalies in employee behavior and organizational risk – before, during, and after layoffs. Read DirectDefense President and CTO… Read more »

Infrastructure and Operations Predictions for 2024

Cloud migration. Reverse cloud migration. Cybersecurity. Risk and governance. These issues faced by organizations in 2023 will be exacerbated in 2024, yet emergent technologies will help solve or mitigate them. ITOps Times reached out to experts to get their thoughts on what 2024 will look like for IT professionals. Read what Jim Broome, President and… Read more »

Why Biden’s EO on AI Conflates the Role of Red-Teaming

President Joe Biden’s executive order on AI is a crucial step towards regulating an industry that has operated without comprehensive rules. Despite support from tech leaders, concerns arise due to the order’s broad language, the role of red-teaming, and the voluntary nature of many provisions, raising doubts about its practical implementation and effectiveness in addressing… Read more »

Google Addresses Critical Chromecast Vulnerabilities

Google recently announced patches for several high- and moderate-severity Chromecast vulnerabilities that were exploited earlier this year at a hacking competition. The chain of exploits is attributed to DirectDefense OT/Hardware Security Consultant Nolen Johnson and two other security researchers who have unveiled a secure-boot exploit chain for Chromecast with Google TV 1080P. Read Eduard Kovacs’… Read more »

Three Ways to Bolster OT Security and Visibility

Manufacturing CISOs face the challenge of securing facilities against theft, sabotage, and cyber threats, but the sector often lags in security. According to the Barracuda 2022 State of Industrial Security report, 90% of manufacturing organizations surveyed experienced cyber attacks on production or energy supply. DirectDefense Chief Security Officer Christopher Walcutt highlights three key areas to… Read more »

Patched Chromecast with Google TV exploit bypassed Android Verified Boot

Following this month’s updates to both the HD and 4K models of Chromecast with Google TV, DirectDefense’s OT/Hardware Security Hardware Consultant Nolen Johnson and two other LineageOS developers have shared the details of a (now-patched) exploit that enabled rooting the dongle by entirely bypassing Android Verified Boot. Read Kyle Bradsaw’s take on the exploit on 9to5… Read more »

Top Cyber Security Threats for 2024 – Expect More Sophisticated Attacks, More Cunning Bad Actors

In 2024, organizations must reassess cyber security strategies due to evolving threats that target on-premise cloud environments. Increased attacker investments require updates to internal and external security measures. In this VMBlog article, DirectDefense President and CTO Jim Broome shares top cyber security threats for 2024 and prevention tips. Read the full article on VMblog.