2012 in Review and a Look Forward to 2013

So like many, it is that time of year to look back on the year’s events and reflect on things, while looking forward to the coming new year. What is interesting in our industry is the fact this is the time of year that everyone does their “Top 5,10,15, 20” events/gadgets/moments blogs/news articles about security… Read more »

Catch Me If You Can – Gaps in Log and Event Management Coverage

So I was approached by several friends in the managed services and security operations services fields, last year, with questions about discovering an attacker that is already inside a corporate network. Specifically, both had recently had clients go through internal penetration tests and only had limited success in identifying the hacking attempts. After talking with… Read more »

Not Being Complacent with Compliancy

For those of you that know me, or have heard me speak before at an event, you know then how I like to tell stories to relay messages. One of the stories that I often tell is one about a client that I like to call my Model Client. The story dates back a good ten… Read more »

2023 Security Operations Threat Report